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About the documentary


Shooting at Yukon River


The NextSun Productions specializes in travel documentaries worldwide.

One of the first focuses of the company is to help and inform people to better understand  the reality and places where they are going to travel with the use of historical and modern life description. All of this is carried out with great photography and interview with local people to give a very immersive experience of the places, traditions and culture of the region.

For the “YUKON – The Last Rush” we shot 30 hours of footage, interviewed more than 20 people and made three visits on the location with  a small but well-equipped team.

All of this only after four months of deep study of all local history and traditions and much work editing the film plot to reach better and better the traveler’s point of view.

We met people, we interviewed them and we discovered a great atmosphere of friendship and humanity in this extraordinary remote area.

We would like to thank everyone who helped us to reach this level of exellence for this documentary.

Please feel free to contact us for any troubles or questions about the documentary at:

Giorgio & Marco Priori (The Authors)


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